The world around us seems to rotate faster and faster – if you don’t go forwards you go backwards. Even an extremely traditional, distinguished and successful institution like the Bayreuth Festival has to break new ground in order to produce new, outstanding ideas in the cultural industry. In addition to passion for the matter, this requires strong partners.

TAFF, the team of active Festival Supporters, has formed up in order to be one of these strong partners. The “ff” in the name stands for “fortissimo”. This recently founded association wants to be heard and wants to move – the Festival itself and all its enthusiastic followers. The “Adventure Bayreuth Festival” will be assisted, supported and challenged transparently, in close reconcilement with the Festival Management and within the area of tension between culture, society and economy. TAFF will approach all those who regard the Festival as a matter near to their hearts – without looking at status, title or financial potential. The term “team” shall clarify the importance of a constructive cooperation with the Festival Management.


For TAFF-Members, doors will be opened which normally stay locked. Belonging to our circle of friends and sponsors is like an admission ticket to a world which so far was only belonging to the Festival protagonists.
And it is the key for many exclusive events which cannot be acquired for any money.

Being a TAFF-Member, you will enjoy exclusively guided tours and you will learn more about the ongoing before and behind the stage than any other visitor of the Opera House. You will get exciting impressions of the “factory Bayreuth” and you will have the chance to meet the Festival Management and contributors. You will be the first to get important information and invitations for events around the Festival. In agreement with the Festival Management, you will even be able to visit stage- and orchestra rehearsals in a small circle.

As a TAFF-Member you are right in the middle, not just participating.


Artist Reception 2010

The Highlight on the 27th July 2010

The traditional annual artist reception in the Silver Lounge was a special highlight in this years calendar of TAFF. We had the opportunity for interesting conversations on the Festival with numerous artists and celebrities from culture, politics and economy in a relaxed atmosphere.